Saturday, April 30, 2005

On the third planet from the sun

The twentieth century, more than any century in
recorded history, was the century of man’s
inhumanity to man. A memorable phrase, that. But
it is misleading. It should be modified:
"Governments’ inhumanity to unarmed civilians."
In the case of genocide, however, this is not
easily dismissed as collateral damage on a
wartime enemy. It is deliberate extermination.

They were only there 'to help', weren't they?

Have we already been invaded by extraterrestrials
bent on exterminating the race with its own people?

Trade or fade, folks.

Full essay.

Friday, April 29, 2005


Quoth Gandhi: "First they ignore you, then they
laugh at you, then they fight you ... then you

Via The Knappster

The Knappster is now listed in my "Ornery Blogs"

Link and rule, boys and girls, keeping in mind
what a switched-on Discordian once said:

"We must all stick apart."

Therein leadeth the way to a fine evolution.

[Note the lack of an 'r' in the last word of the
previous sentence. Putting an 'r' in it would just
attract a lotta flies and their droppings.]

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The inconsequential and the The Other Kind

A blog for people with a critically rational
individualist perspective. We are developing the
social individualist meta-context for the future.
From the very serious to the extremely
frivolous... lets see what is on the mind of the
Samizdata people.

The above is the introduction to the Samizdata blog.

Been reading that blog for about a month and I don't
see it so, [plonk].

But I did find another fine blog today.

Check out Scott Scheule.

He's going on my links.

Straight. No chaser.

What does someone say when they claim that the
Constitution doesn’t authorize income taxes, and
therefore the IRS is in the wrong for collecting
them? They’re saying that if the Constitution in
fact authorized income taxes, then you’d be in
the wrong for not paying them. To put it more
plainly, if the Constitution authorized you to
beat the shit out of Mexicans, would that make it

Yes, or no?

Damn. I love it when you talk dirty, John.

See the rest of John Lopez' fine reasoning at no-treason.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What does this tell you?

"All our acts, reasoned and unreasoned, are selfish."
-- Mark Twain

Think about it.

Come back, said the spider to the flies

I wrote sometime back about that giant sucking
sound, the sound of capital flight...
The main ideas in the president’s [Putin]latest
address are, according to Belkovsky: an
acknowledgement of the property rights for the
oligarchs, allowing the legalization of their
capital, and a guarantee of the "illusion" of
freedom of speech. The analyst says that in his
address Putin returned to the standards of former
Russian President Boris Yeltsin.
"The main question in this context is what
should be done so that the period of Vladimir
Putin’s decline does not end in Russia’s
collapse," Belkovsky concluded.

Uh oh.

Ya think so...?

Could it be that Russia will fall without the big
money to steal?

Probably damned if Putin appeases 'em and damned if
he doesn't.

All this coming after the government bankrupting
Yukos with a tax bill then taking it over.



Tuesday, April 26, 2005

News from Finland

More evidence of the shriveling Cosmic Nipple...
The United States had to cancel its
participation in the multinational air defence
exercise ADEX 05 to be held in Finland in the
middle of May. World-wide war against terrorism
reduces the resources of the United States to the
extent that financing allocated to flight
operations does not allow the United States to
participate in the exercise. For the same reason
the United States has earlier had to withdraw
from many other exercises as well.


You can write it down

A number of individuals and groups dedicate
themselves to the notion that there is a "true
meaning" to the Constitution which has been a)
intentionally discarded, b) unintentionally
overlooked or c) badly misunderstood. From this
surmise, they reach the proposition that, through
a proper legalistic exegesis of that Holy
Scripture, The United States can be set back on a
course of "proper government" -- a course which
they generally believe the framers of the
Constitution to have advocated.

The man's right.

If you've looked around the net, you already know

His conclusion is also right.

Full essay.

Thanks to simmering frogs

Monday, April 25, 2005

Your 'ministry'?

What so few understand

"If history could teach us anything, it would be
that private property is inextricably linked with
civilization." -- Ludwig von Mises

...which starts with my and your life.

Note the possessive pronouns.

Also note that there's not much of any of this

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Deadly Virtue

According to the old post-Vietnam-era political
correctness, the armed services had been a refuge
for louts and mediocrities who probably couldn't
make it in the real world. By the turn of the
twenty-first century a different view had taken
hold. Now the United States military was "a place
where everyone tried their hardest. A place where
everybody… looked out for each other. A place
where people -- intelligent, talented people --
said honestly that money wasn't what drove them.
A place where people spoke openly about their
feelings." Soldiers, it turned out, were not only
more virtuous than the rest of us, but also more
sensitive and even happier. Contemplating the GIs
advancing on Baghdad in March 2003, the
classicist and military historian Victor Davis
Hanson saw something more than soldiers in
battle. He ascertained "transcendence at work."
According to Hanson, the armed services had
"somehow distilled from the rest of us an elite
cohort" in which virtues cherished by earlier
generations of Americans continued to flourish.

Virtues cherised by the pioneers were exemplified
by carving a spot to live in a hostile environment,
not whacking imaginary enemies living in far off

We've come a long way, baby.

In the wrong direction.

And money isn't what drives 'em. Yea, that's what
the man said above. Are ya happy, money haters?

Death drives 'em now, "where everybody looks out
for each other", and no one needs their own mind...
sacrificing for the group, God and country.

How nicely socialist!

Have you noticed how the granfalloon is everywhere
here? Growing like weeds, they are.

What does the final act of a play written about
death look like?

"To deal with men by force is as impractical as
to deal with nature by persuasion." --Ayn Rand

Just another sad story.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

More on the True Believer

"Christian theology has taught men that they
should submit with unintelligent resignation to
the worst real evils of life and waste their time
in consideration of imaginary evils in 'the life
to come.'" --E. Haldeman-Julius, The Meaning Of

Friday, April 22, 2005

The Invasion of the Mind Snatchers

Sloppy language, sloppy thinking...
VATICAN CITY (CNN) -- Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
of Germany has been selected by the Roman
Catholic church as the new pope.

How many people do you suppose read that phrase
and kept mouth-breathing, without questioning?

The Roman Catholic church didn't do squat here
because it exists only in minds.

It's a granfalloon, "a proud and meaningless
association of human beings." [Kurt Vonnegut]

What really happened was that a bunch of Herr
Ratzinger's sycophants told him he could have the
position of The Exalted One, The One and Only
Pope-guy thingy.

How many people do you know that mouth similar
tired phrases like this one from CNN, without

[Psst. CNN is another granfalloon. They're
all around us. Aack!]

Avoid 'em all like the plague because they could
be hazardous to your mental health.

Some little nothings about this particular

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Another Glorious Leader gone


QUITO, Ecuador (Reuters) - Ecuadorean President
Lucio Gutierrez was ousted by Congress on
Wednesday after a week of increasingly violent
protests in which he was accused of abusing his
power by meddling with the country's top court.

Gutierrez, the third president of the Andean
nation to be toppled amid popular unrest in eight
years, was replaced by his vice-president after a
day of escalating clashes between opposing
protesters in which two people were reported

The report.

Tackling drug-resistant pneumonia with colloidal silver

The procedure outlined here will work on any
lung pathogen including anthrax; In fact, an
M.D. in the USA has been using this type of
procedure for 10 years and is proposing it for
anthrax. Here it is, straight from the lab:

The original problem manifested as a result of
our fruitless search for some effective procedure
for attacking the bilateral form of those
bacterial pneumonias which have proved non-
responsive to all of the antibiotic protocols. We
have evaluated colloidal silver and many methods
of its employment. Only one method was ever
rapidly effective in an "essentially terminal"
evaluation. The methodology employed in these
experiments included the following protocol:
Using a very fine particle nebulizer, a 25 psi to
35 psi, regulated O2 supply as the gas drive and
a colloidal silver mixture compounded as follows:
Starting with 8 ounces of 10 ppm colloidal silver
(warmed to approx. 105 degrees F.) dissolve MSM
in this solution to the point of saturation
(until no more will go into solution); next add
20 per cent by volume of DMSO to the parent

None of these are "approved drugs" or procedures.

Shhh. Don't tell anyone.

If you haven't already, take a look at the links
on the right under "All-purpose anti-pathogen..."
for more. There's much more to the Colloidal Silver

I think you'll want to read the details and
save them.

And now, The Inevitable

Out of town without even an American Express Card.

From the World Socialist Web Site...
Earlier this year,[Detroit's]Democratic Mayor Kwame
Kilpatrick announced a budget-cutting plan to
reduce the city’s $350 million deficit that
included the elimination of nearly 1,000 city
workers’ jobs, cutting wages and benefits and
ending 24-hour-a-day bus service. On April 12,
Kilpatrick announced further cuts, including the
virtual elimination of all subsidies for the
arts, zoos and other "non-essential" programs, as
well as cutbacks in firefighting and EMT services.
Detroit is following the pattern set by
municipal governments in New Orleans, Pittsburgh
and other major cities throughout the US. Cities
and states have to pay a fixed rate of interest
on the bonds, and are essentially betting they
can earn a higher rate of return by investing
their pension funds in the stock market.

(Notice the quotes around 'non-essential'. That's
because there are no non-essential programs in the
socialist mind.)

There was nothing in the article about why the
current taxes weren't covering the debt.

Think about it.

Were they bumping the upper limit of taxes they
were able to collect?

Wasn't that why the debt was acquired in the first

Now the market is tanking and the fat lady's in
full voice.

I'm gonna contain myself here.

I'm tired of wiping coffee off my computer.

The article.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Get it right

Learn the lessons. There'll be a test tomorrow.
To this day, the media promulgates the official
myth about the Waco assault, and you'll note that
the anniversary is being eclipsed, as least in
the mainstream outlets, by observance of the
Oklahoma City bombing. We avert our eyes from the
corpses of incinerated children – in Waco and
Iraq – convinced that if we pay too much
attention we court the danger of turning into a
Tim McVeigh. So forget about state terrorism –
the government wants you to pay attention to the
alleged danger of the free-lance variety, and it
just so happens that a "top secret" report on the
danger of "domestic terrorism" has been leaked to
ABC News in time for the April 19th anniversary.
It is, I fear, a sign of the times. [No doubt
about it. Time to wake up and drop the 'party
line', whatever it may be. This is more important
than hardly anyone realizes. --jo] The Clinton
administration came up with the doctrine of
military preemption long before that son of a
Bush ever dreamed of the White House – and,
what's more, they applied that doctrine on our
own soil,
against Americans.

Read the whole sad story.

Many more to come

Stay tuned.
PORTLAND (AP) — The cash-strapped U.S. Forest
Service can no longer afford to maintain many of
its parks and has started ranking recreational
sites, including campgrounds and trailheads, for
possible closure.


Must we have a second helping of this?

"There was a time when religion ruled the
world. It was known as The Dark Ages."
--Ruth Hurmence Green

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Two bums fucking footballs

Amazing how one bankrupt nation will ask the world's
biggest debtor for a loan just putting the Amurikun
taxpayer on an even bigger hook as well as the
Israeli taxpayer.

A business would've been bankrupt a long time ago
because it couldn't have lassoed so many suckers
for so long without the threat of jail.
An inter-ministerial team headed by Prime
Minister Ariel Sharon's bureau chief, Dov
Weisglass, is working on a proposal requesting
American economic assistance that could top $10

Not much more to it.

The thrill is gone

"Policies intended to improve the flexibility of
the economy seem to fall outside the sphere of
traditional monetary and fiscal policy."
--Alan Greenspan

At least he's honest about it.

Only the appearance of warm and fuzzy

Providing 'safety nets' and other such bummint
goodies requires some mean sombitch in the wings
sporting an ugly moustache, hanging tightly to a
riding crop, making sure that we all do our
'sacrificial' duty.

I ain't a sacrificial animal.

Are you?

If you are, you might want to look at the history
of the idea. As you can see at that link, you might
not get out alive.

Can you make the necessary neural connections
here to understand what's been going on throughout

Time for a major change.

If you look around you'll see that, in many areas,
power is on the run or attempting The Cover-up.

It will lose because it will be 'found out'.

I'm just here to help.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Needful things

"The instinctive need to be the member of a
closely knit group fighting for common ideals may
grow so strong that it becomes inessential what
these ideals are." -- Konrad Lorenz

May grow?

Looks axiomatic from where I sit.

Pontificating for fun and pleasure

Getchyer own Pope card.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Operation Mindfuck

My stomach muscles are still hurting from laughing
at this one...
OM was originally instigated by Ho Chi Zen, of
the Erisian Liberation Front, who is the same
person but not the same individual as Lord Omar
Khayyam Ravenhurst, author of The Honest Book of
The guiding philosophy is that originally
proposed in The Theory of Games and Economic
by von Neumann and Morgenstern: namely,
that the only strategy which an opponent cannot
predict is a random strategy. The foundation had
already been laid by the late Malaclypse the
Younger, K.S.C., when he proclaimed, "We
Discordians must all stick apart." This radical
decentralization of all Discordian enterprises
created a built-in random factor even before
Operation Mindfuck was proposed. To this day,
neither Ho Chi Zen himself nor any other
Discordian apostle knows for sure who is or is
not involved in any phase of Operation Mindfuck
or what activities they are or are not involved
in as part of that project. Thus, the outsider is
immediately trapped in a double-bind: the only
safe assumption is that anything a Discordian
does is somehow related to OM, but, since this
leads directly to paranoia, this is not a "safe"
assumption after all, and the "risky" hypothesis
that whatever the Discordians are doing is
harmless may be "safer" in the long run, perhaps.
Every aspect of OM follows, or accentuates, this

Read for a large guffaw.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

On man

"When grubbing for necessities man is still an
animal. He becomes uniquely human when he reaches
out for the superfluous and extravagant."
-- Eric Hoffer

Friday, April 15, 2005

Chaos is here and she's pissed

"Implicit in the activist conception of
government is the assumption that you can take
the good things in a complex system for granted,
and just improve the things that are not so good.
What is lacking in this conception is any sense
that a society, an institution, or even a single
human being, is an intricate system of fragile
inter-relationships, whose complexities are
little understood and easily destabilized."
-- Thomas Sowell

On 'wanting' and 'getting'

People want neither freedom nor democracy. They
want a soothing mother domestically and an
outlet, preferably overseas, for anger.

True, Fred.

What happens when the Cosmic Nipple runs dry?

The essay.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

More on hamsterism

You know. Going round and round in the same cage...

"The unphilosophical majority among men are the
ones most helplessly dependent on their era's
dominant ideas. In times of crises these men need
the guidance of some kind of theory; but, being
unfamiliar with the field of ideas, they do not
know that alternatives to the popular theories
are possible. They know only what they have
always been taught." -- Leonard Peikoff

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Even more unintended consequences

The plan for tracking overseas wire transfers is
likely to intensify pressure on banks and other
financial institutions to comply with the
expanding base of provisions to fight money
laundering, industry and government officials
agreed. The government's aggressive tactics since
the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, have already
caused something of a backlash among banking
compliance officers - and even some federal
officials, who say the effort has gone too far in
penalizing the financial sector for lapses and
has effectively criminalized what were once seen
as technical violations.

'Something' of a backlash? Don't wait too long to
make it significant or you'll go broke long before
you hear that sucking sound as the money leaves.

Learn how to say 'no' to people who have no business
with you.
Terrorist money has been difficult to identify,
much less seize, in part because terror
operations are conducted on relative shoestring
budgets. Planning and operations for the attacks
on Sept. 11, 2001, were believed to have cost Al
Qaeda $400,000 to $500,000, with no unusual
transactions found, according to the 9/11
commission, and the 1998 embassy bombings in East
Africa cost only $10,000.

So why are Da Regulators doing it? Pure PR to
make it look good to the rubes, it appears.

And here are some of the unintended
consequences of this crap...
Some smaller community banks have sold out to
larger companies for fear of increased liability,
banking officials say, and banks have dropped
some money-transmittal businesses that do
significant business overseas because of the risk. you have your donkey yet? ...and your
wooden hoe? ...and your garden plot? commerce becomes ever more difficult.

All of the report.

The New Inquisition

Torquemada with a twist. At least today's victims
aren't dying...or are they?

'round and 'round they go...
In fact, Bayard Marketing is a dummy corporation
and Leonard Bayard is a false identity. They were
both created by the CIA to conceal an operation
launched after the attacks of September 11, 2001
to kidnap suspected terrorists and transport them
to foreign governments where they could be
interrogated using methods outlawed in the United
States ­ that is, tortured and sometimes killed.

The story.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Being unreasonable

"A reasonable man adapts himself to suit his
environment. An unreasonable man persists in
attempting to adapt his environment to suit
himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the
unreasonable man." --George Bernard Shaw

Things that need practice

Take a look at this classic 18 page novelette. Many
fine lessons here.

I'm putting a permanent link to it in the right

And Then There Were None

Thanks to Bill St. Clair

Monday, April 11, 2005

On escapism

"I don't mind being called an escapist. On a
planet that more and more resembles a maximum
security prison, the only sane choice is to plan
a jailbreak." -- Robert Anton Wilson

Via Bill St. Clair

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Time to get it right. It's getting late.

Natural forces are what they are. Praying for
miracles is fruitless; these forces will do what
they do. Only people who understand these forces
and how to counteract or reinforce or sustain or
alter them with other natural forces can be truly
said to live harmoniously with nature.

It is science – rational thought, skepticism,
critical inquiry – that furthers greater harmony
with nature.

As tough as it is to do, that last sentence is a

And most never learn it, buzzing about with
unsubstantiated assertions and correlating without

Full essay.

When the dam breaks

As the Iraq war, the use of torture at Abu
Ghraib, the Patriot Act, and the pathological
lying of the Bush administration make clear, most
people are too cowardly to openly confront the
state when it is engaged in its most abusive
practices. Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, and other
tyrants knew what their modern wannabes know,
namely, that most people will suppress and
internalize their resentment of despotic acts.
But such feelings remain a source of discontent –
both within the individual and society –
contributing to the turbulence that threatens the
state. Like water that builds up behind a
weakened dam, some marginally insignificant event
may unleash the restrained forces and overwhelm
the structure.

See what Shaffer thinks could break the weakened

Full essay.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Playing by your rules

However, there is one flaw they count on for us
not to realize; we need to accept their rules for
them to win. We are not going to protest, we are
going to change society and the world from the
inside out. We are going to live the way we want
to live; free of constraint and moral puss; free
from the confines of the norm. I say new rules
because for us, we are going to turn a hell into
a heaven; we are going to mutate so much that
this world is our playground and our toy.


See what Rieben brought up in the comment section
to this post.

He's right and it pisses me off that I missed it.

Read Anthem to see what he means. It's a
short, easy read.

It's also been the first link under "Powerful Links"
(The Great "I") on the right side panel for quite

Inexcusable behavior on my part. (slaps his already
well-sloped forehead)

New Game

Friday, April 08, 2005

On pain

PAIN, n.
An uncomfortable frame of mind that may have
a physical basis in something that is being done
to the body, or may be purely mental, caused by
the good fortune of another.
--Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary

Moving toward lockdown

Terrorists win...they all had passports.
The Homeland Security Department wants
Americans traveling to Canada and Mexico to show
a passport when they return to the US.

The guidelines would be phased-in by 2008, to
give people a chance to apply for passports. Only
about 20-percent of Americans have one.

The rules would also apply to Bermuda, the
Caribbean, and Panama.


Roaring with laughter

Were you left behind?

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Some fine quotes

"Pensioners may soon find out that all their
lives they have "invested" in a company: Govco,
which is going to be bankrupt soon. (1975)
They should become concerned about the proper
liquidation of the government and all its
remaining assets." (2002)

"Most revolutions are just fights about who is
going to be the next tax collector." (1978)
-- John Zube

Hole in Firefox

A flaw has been discovered in the popular open-
source browser Firefox that could expose
sensitive information stored in memory, Secunia
has warned.

Test your Mozilla browser here. (Firefox is a
Mozilla product.) Then turn off javascript and test

Let's get busy with that patch, you boys and girls
at Mozilla. Keep lookin' good. I don't want to have
to give up Firefox.

Link to the whole story.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Will the real criminals please stand up?

LOS ANGELES – Declaring the end to a dark
chapter in Los Angeles history, officials on
Thursday announced the city would pay an
estimated $70 million to settle lawsuits stemming
from the Rampart corruption scandal that shook
the Police Department.

Ahhh. I can breathe easier now that all the
corruption's gone.

Since the scandal broke more than five years
ago, 214 lawsuits have been brought by
plaintiffs, many with criminal backgrounds, who
accused renegade officers in the Rampart
division's anti-gang unit of falsifying evidence,
framing suspects and covering up unjustified

So let's think about this.

Who handed out those 'criminal backgrounds'?

Looks like the writer of the story didn't think
thru what he was writing.

What else is new?


Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Rare insight

"The thought of how far the human race would
have advanced without government simply staggers
the imagination." -- Doug Casey 1979


And less that one in 10,000 can see it.

Monday, April 04, 2005

The scourge of the world

"The dream of these extremists"—to blow up the
Temple Mount in Jerusalem, one of the most
important holy sites in the Muslim world—"should
give us sleepless nights," says former Israeli
Security Chief Avi Dichter. "Jewish terror is
liable to create a serious strategic threat that
will turn the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into a
conflict between thirteen million Jews and a
billion Muslims all over the world."

Do you have your cave picked out to live in while
the collectives of the planet nuke it out?

Rather than go after the perps, it's the "us's" and
"thems" again.

Truly insane.

The article.

Must we?

"The vigor of a mass movement stems from the
propensity of its followers for united action and
self-sacrifice. When we ascribe the success of a
movement to its faith, doctrine, propaganda,
leadership, ruthlessness and so on, we are but
referring to instruments of unification and to
means used to inculcate a readiness for self-
sacrifice. It is perhaps impossible to understand
the nature of a mass movement unless it is
recognized that their chief preoccupation is to
foster, perfect and perpetuate a facility for
united action and self-sacrifice." -- Eric Hoffer

Isn't politics the culmination of the mass
movement? What about it's offspring, war?

Re-written below. Note the difference and how
the meaning doesn't change:

The vigor of a political movement stems from the
propensity of its followers for united action and
self-sacrifice. When we ascribe the success of a
political movement to its faith, doctrine, propaganda,
leadership, ruthlessness and so on, we are but
referring to instruments of unification and to
means used to inculcate a readiness for self-
sacrifice. It is perhaps impossible to understand
the nature of a political movement unless it is
recognized that their chief preoccupation is to
foster, perfect and perpetuate a facility for
united action and self-sacrifice.

And this says nothing of the victims on the outside
just minding their own business.

But Eric's quote is better because it covers much
more terrain. The only reason I pointed to a specific
application is because I doubt most can see it.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Corporation

An ingenious device for obtaining individual
profit without individual responsibility.
--Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary

Fight or flight...better take a hike

If a leader is confronted with the choice
between fleeing and shooting his own people, the
situation has already spun out of control. The
more interesting question, say analysts, is how
Akayev was backed into a corner - and whether his
mistakes are being repeated by other leaders in
the CIS, making them vulnerable to similar

Bank on it. Some people are waking up.

Coming soon to a street corner near you.

All power will eventually be found out as soon as
folks stop looking for it in all the wrong places.


Saturday, April 02, 2005

On being creative

Computers may teach those of us who do the same
shit, getting the same fucked up results repeatedly,
that maybe we outta try something different,
even if we think it's wrong.


These are comments I've seen recently made by other
posters at MJ's place:

Commenter #1:
Blogger is sucking my butt.

Commenter #2:
Blogger's a joke!

Commenter #3:
You guys gonna leave blogger? At first when I
saw other people complaining I thought, "Oh gee,
the FREE service isn't good enough for them?" But
yesterday I wasted a whole lotta time just trying
to delete the 20 identical posts that it kept
publishing. And I can't delete comments.

My comment:
Yea, blogger sucks. I left tblog
sometime ago for similar reasons.
It got to where it didn't work about
half the time. Blogger is getting there.

I hate moving so I'm gonna tuf
out Google's Beta-blog (
for a while longer.

Yea, I guess we're all Beta testers.

Champ chess player sees many moves ahead in the game of control.

"The Yukos case is the domino principle in an
extreme form. The country is moving into a
completely different dimension where the law is
used by the authorities only for holding on to
power and for personal gains," Kasparov said.
"The Yukos case is indeed a show trial. After
it, such trials will take place — if they are not
taking place yet — at all the levels of the state
pyramid. Property will be seized by the same
harsh methods even at the village council level,"
Kasparov said.

Government is a rapacious beast, ain't it.


More capital flight

The president of Intel, Paul S. Otellini, warned
a federal panel addressing tax issues that
because of high tax rates in the United States,
his company may build its next $3 billion
semiconductor factory overseas.
"The problem that we have and which the industry
has is that it costs us $1 billion more to
operate inside the U.S. than outside of the
country," he said. "It's not wages and capital;
its almost all attributed to tax benefits--or the
lack thereof--in the United States compared to
what is offered elsewhere."
In contrast, Otellini pointed to Israel, which
offers a 20 percent capital grant, a 10 percent
tax rate and a two-year tax deferral. Malaysia
offers a 10-year tax deferral and Ireland offers
a 12.5 percent tax rate. Two-thirds of the most
advanced factories being built, those producing
300-millimeter chip wafers, are in Asia, Otellini

Better to look for contract work on the internet
in a field that interests you...or start your own
internet business to reach the world.

Your "employers" are leaving you, Americans.

Best to sell to the world, as they have. I've said
it here before...Sony has no plants in Japan. Soon
Intel won't have any in the uS.

Do you recognize a pattern when you see it?

Soon, Intel and many more will also leave the uS.

Now, that said, how does this all relate to this

It's all about taxes, as the article says...

Friday, April 01, 2005

A different idea

Rieben said in a comment here...

"My preference, as well, is to ignore the system
rather than engage it, defensively. But I think
that is delusional (and also part of the
conditioning of the collective)."

Remembering that if you fight something you make
it stronger (Lao Tze)...

Go with your guts. I have, and I still think this is
good advice:

Etienne de la Boetie 1553 France

"There are [four] kinds of tyrants: some receive
their proud position through elections by the
people, others by force of arms, others by
inheritance, [others by 'divine right']. Although
the means of coming into power differ, still the
method of ruling is practically the same. The
tyrant has nothing more than the power you confer
upon him to destroy you. How does he have any
power over you except through you? Tyrants need
only be deprived of the public's continuing
supply of funds and resources. Resolve to serve
no more! and you are at once free. I do not ask
that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple
him over, but simply that you support him no
longer. Then you will behold him, like a great
Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away,
fall of his own weight and break in pieces."

Some o' these fureners sure had some weird ideas,
din't they.

More about the Borg

"All mass movements avail themselves of action as
a means of unification. The conflicts a mass
movement seeks and incites serve not only to down
its enemies but also to strip its followers of
their distinct individuality and render them more
soluble in the collective medium." -- Eric Hoffer

You and I have been assimilated.

Keep looking for the exit signs.

The new shell game - you're gonna get screwed

Imagine a world where April 15 is just another
spring day.

In this new world there would be no income taxes
and no Internal Revenue Service. Instead, there
would be a national sales tax on everything you

There are plenty of dolts to suck up to this one,

Yea, I know there are many out there who think
this would be an improvement but I've heard it all

What they won't see will be the shell game.

Eliminate taxes. Shop where you get a discount for

If you're in business, give cash discounts.

Unfuck the thieves.

The whole report.