Wednesday, November 30, 2005

If you ain't part of the herd, you're nuttin'...soon to end

Forget hydrogen, solar, wind and all the other
alternate energies. (Yea, I know they're all
workable now and quantum space hasn't been tapped...
or has it? [Big site. Use the search engine there
to see what I mean. This url's being added under
Tapping the Quantum vacuum below.]
Here the reader's assessment is as good as
anyone else's. After more than a century, the
standard Lorentz-regauged Maxwell-Heaviside
equations have been so ingrained in electric
engineering thought, that it has become an
accepted dogma which everyone accepts without
question. To use an appropriate phrase from
Einstein, it is as if we "imbibed it with our
mother's milk." Behind the scenes, of course,
there are also very powerful financial interests
— which Winston Churchill just loosely referred
to as the "High Cabal" — with some trillions of
dollars per year of income involved. These groups
do not wish the present energy science and
technology changed into something dramatic and
cheap such as "fuel-free" electrical power
systems extracting their energy from the vacuum.
The decreed "progress" in power systems for the
future has already been decided, and it is fuel
cells and the more difficult hydrogen technology.
This will keep the environmentalists off the
cartels' backs, and allow them to show "progress
being made to clean up the biosphere."

This "High Cabal" has little to say about it. Once
a few small producers start selling their product
to neighbors and friends, the "Cabal" is without
The bottom line is that it's still all about
money and power, and "who's going to be the big
monkey." Primate dominance is still one of the
primary motivating forces in humankind, including
in scientists and the scientific community.

The Big Monkey...?

Not any more.

Anyone with a computer and an internet connection
can flip off this monkey and go off on his own.

It's a horizontal world now. The monkeys will be
left screeching in the veldt.
Why Don't Scientists and Engineers Develop Power
Systems That Extract Our Electrical Energy Freely
from the Vacuum?

As stated, they simply cannot obtain funding to
do the research and get it done. They cannot
teach it, for it would not be allowed. Further,
if they try to do it on their own, they get no
funding, their papers are refused publication,
and their peers destroy them. Eventually they
will be lucky to be employed in a fast food

"Funding" here means getting money thru bummint
(from the tax-sucker) and if you're not yakking
the party line, whatever it happens to be at the
moment, you're on the outside.

What does that tell you?

Don't bother when you're innovating. Look
someplace else for funds.

Full article.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

You might want to know...

I recently used the beta blogger search engine
to search my blog, the one at the top left here.

As useful as tits on a boar hog, it was, missing
posts that are there.

Even so, itself has been working well
for quite a while.

Monday, November 28, 2005

The wages of stupid

How will people who have become too wide to pass
each other in a shopping aisle factor against the
retailers need to provide maximum product in
minimum space? How will such people manage to
press and riot after goods when they can’t get
through the aisles? Who are these people? Gerry
Springer’s children have inherited the Earth.

Surely some of you who studied physics and
related sciences must still remember some of what
you learned. Some memory of the various theorems
must still be lodged in the fatty portions of the
brain’s pressboard. Extrapolating out in my own
eccentric manner I must ask you; what is the
cultural result of ‘stupid’ imploding? What
happens when you become increasingly less well
equipped to deal with ever more sophisticated
requirements for existence? What happens when all
of the sophisticated devices are manufactured for
the purpose of entertainment and convenience
alone? What is the factor of ipod volume to
vehicle speed as it relates to your crossing the
street for a Big Mac family pack?

If these people are having children what are
they teaching them? What’s dinner like at that
house? Where did Attila come from? It seems that
in every time there has always been a barbarian
horde of lean-muscled and hungry fighters forming
in some wasteland far away from the splendored
streets of Rome and… somehow they found their way

...especially when Rome is looking for more new
enemies every day.

Isn't that what empires do best?

Full rant.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Piss and moan

Asians make up 35 per cent of the undergraduate
body at MIT, but only 4 per cent of the US
population. [New York Review of Books, 3rd
November 2005]

Yet there's a fool a minute in the west pissing
and moaning about jobs lost to Asia.

Via Harry Hutton

Saturday, November 26, 2005

We have a another contradiction...what will you do?

"You have no idea," he said." For there's no
evidence that smoking causes anything in moderate
doses but researcher's salaries. None. It may
even extend life as part of a complex of healthy
behaviors. It may be dangerous but life-style
factors, e.g., poor diet, set it off. But no one
wants to hear. Moderate smoking may harm, but
evidence, statistically, is the reverse."

In short, nobody knows shit, as always.


There's more to the story...

Full article.

When in doubt...

Monday, November 21, 2005


Am going off-line for a few days.

Keep kickin' ass.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

That's our shit an' we're taking it back!

U.S. Border Patrol agents were backed down this
week by armed men, dressed in what appeared to be
Mexican military uniforms and carrying military
weapons, who seized a captured dump truck filled
with marijuana from the U.S. agents and dragged
it across the border into Mexico with a bulldozer.
The Zetas were trained as elite commandos by
U.S. forces to combat the drug cartels, but they
have switched sides and are working for the drug
smugglers in the border area posing a special
hazard to American law enforcement and Border
Patrol agents, according to a U.S. Justice
Department memo. Under the control of reputed
drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, the Zetas
are conducting a bloody war for control of the
entire southern border in an effort to secure a
monopoly on drug-smuggling and people-smuggling

More unintended consequences. It's an epidemic.



Via waronguns

Have I got a deal for you...

The world's largest automaker lost market share
as high petrol prices drove consumers away from
its gas-guzzling sport utility vehicles. GM lost
3.8 billion dollars in the first three quarters
of 2005 and saw sales drop more than 20 percent
in September and October.
Ford's global automotive operations have lost
almost $1.7 billion through the first nine months
of the year, compared to profits of more than
$1.1 billion through the third quarter of 2004.
Rising gas prices have also sharply curtailed
consumer demand for Ford's sport utility vehicle
lineup, which helped the automaker become one of
the industry's most profitable companies during
the 1990s.

Get your used SUVs here for 10 cents on the dollar!
Perfect condition. Like new.

Also, donkeys for $5,000 each, guaranteed not to
crack, chip, rust or peel.

Another distraction seen thru

In the long run, Fitzgerald and his deputies are
only distracting people from the bigger picture
of the inherently criminal and destructive nature
of the state in all its activities by giving them
the false impression that government somehow
punishes its own deviant behavior through some
legalistic mechanism or other. Government is
itself a weapon of mass destruction, that’s it’s
whole reason for being, and it will finally cease
being the weapon of mass destruction that it is
only when it completely and totally destroys
itself, which can only happen by a combination of
the consequences of its own misguided fiscal
recklessness and a critical mass of Americans
being educated in the benefits of individual
freedom, as opposed to slavish welfare dependency
on some central government authority. I suspect
that the former will happen first, subsequently
rendering the latter an utmost necessity for the
sake of preserving what little will be left of
human civilization.

Full article.

More hamsterism

Reading Gibbon’s masterpiece feels like being
hit in the face with a 2x4 over and over again.
The parallels of the decaying Roman empire with
those of modern America are frequent, obvious,
and always dismaying. It is simply astonishing
that a work written in the 1770’s about events
that occurred nearly 2,000 years ago should so
frequently, and devastatingly, describe our
plight. The passage I quoted above is not the
best, it is simply the last one I read. It is
rare to read as much as 10 pages without
encountering something equally sobering.

It's a short read. Take a look.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Collectivism is the ugliest ideology in the
world. It has been directly responsible for well
over 100 million deaths in the 20th century.
Let's do our part by not participating in it,
even – maybe especially – in our language. The
only hope we have for a peaceful world is to hold
guilty people responsible for their actions and
to treat the innocent people in all countries as
innocent. Let's quit talking about governments
whose horrific actions we detest as "we."

Good idea to watch carefully the use of "we". I
expect some nasty consequences because of some of
these associations many are making.

Just another good reason to distance yourself from
the zombies and their group mind-fuck.

Isn't it time to make your written declaration?


Via Bill St. Clair

Friday, November 18, 2005

Why Western governments fall apart

...Only in Beijing and Tokyo do we find strong
governments in powerful nations.

Is it simple coincidence that the West cannot
field a single functioning government? The
punditry dismisses Bush as dumb, Blair as smarmy,
Chirac as arrogant, Berlusconi as bent, and
Merkel - well, when they discover some
identifying characteristics of the new German
chancellor, the punditry doubtless will find
grounds to dismiss her as well. Perhaps it is
just the luck of the draw, but the odds do not
favor the interpretation that all the big nations
of the West had the misfortune to find themselves
led by ninnies at precisely the same time.

But the "odds" were wrong, he says.

Welcome to chaos where the odds don't know what
they're supposed to be.

Spengler attributes this to the voter.

I do too for reasons unmentioned in the article:
They showed up at the polls.

He thinks Beijing and Tokyo are exempt.

They aren't.

They're just not talking and their economies are
doing better than the Western economies.

The planet won't be buying Reeboks forever.

Aside from that, his analysis is interesting.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Looking at a Bigger Picture

Anybody remember Paul “Population Bomb” Ehrlich?
This is the guy who predicted that megadeaths
from global famine would be the defining feature
of the 1970s. Or Jeremy Rifkin, the guy who told
us all in 1986 that the Frostban bacterium
engineered to protect plants against cold snaps
would mess up the Earth’s climate? Or the brigade
of self-panickers (Carl Sagan was briefly one of
them) who warned us all back around 1980 that an
impending Ice Age was about to destroy
civilization? Or, hey — how about the ozone hole;
remember when we were all going to die of UV-B-
induced skin cancer?

It’s easy to laugh at those particular doom-
mongers now; there has been plenty of time for
their predictions to fail. But we have plenty of
apocalypse merchants peddling equally silly
scenarios, on equally thin evidence and bogus
reasoning, today. And the same ’sophisticated’
secularists who lapped up Paul Ehrlich’s nonsense
are swaying to the Gospel shout of global warming
and “peak oil” — just as self-hypnotized, and
just as stone-stupid, as an Ozark Mountains
cracker at a tent-revival meeting.

What's left out of this rant is that these doom-
sayers prompt the Power Freaks to fix that which
appears broken creating unending, unintended
consequences to ensure [for a while] that it
does break.

Full article.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Unintended consequences...

...the common result of the attempt to control.
This increase in social smoking is one of the
more worrying aspects of smirting. Anti-smoking
campaigners believed that the ban would improve
health and stop people smoking. But many young
Dubliners admit that they have increased their
consumption of cigarettes because of the social

Dumb fuckers.

No, not the smokers, the law-givers.

If you want to find out what "smirting" is you'll
have to read the article.


Via freemanlc

Looking for perfection in all the wrong places

"Markets aren't perfect, they're not even very
good. They're just better than anything else." -
Peter Drucker quoted on CNBC, October 10, 2002,

Via L. R. White

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Netsukuku FAQ

Here's more about what I cut and pasted here...
Q: What is Netsukuku?
A: Netsukuku is a mesh network or a P2P net system
that generates and sustains itself autonomously.
It is designed to handle an unlimited number of
nodes with minimal CPU and memory resources.
Thanks to this feature it can be easily used to
build a worldwide distributed, anonymous and
anarchical network, separated from the Internet,
without the support of any servers, ISPs or
authority controls.

Full FAQ
[Note the "download" page there but it may just be
for builders. Dunno.]

Monday, November 14, 2005

The French fragmentation - a secession of a different kind

At first glance, these riots resembled the Watts
and Rodney King riots in the uS.

They're not.

First of all, they're taking place in many parts
of Europe and they seem to be generational, i.e.
their parents and grandparents are supporters
of the status quo and don't know what's wrong with
their kids.

There's more to it than that.

Bottom line: Perps are just "fed up and not gonna
take it anymore"...until they tire of it.

But my intuition tells me that cause and effect
is gonna be very tough to get right.

And I tire of the endless analysis, even my own.

Your turn.
It is the private complaint of everyone,
however, that the police have become impotent to
suppress and detect crime. Horror stories abound.
A Parisian acquaintance told me how one recent
evening he had seen two criminals attack a car in
which a woman was waiting for her husband. They
smashed her side window and tried to grab her
purse, but she resisted. My acquaintance went to
her aid and managed to pin down one of the
assailants, the other running off. Fortunately,
some police passed by, but to my acquaintance’s
dismay let the assailant go, giving him only a
A terrible chasm has opened up in French
society, dramatically exemplified by a story that
an acquaintance told me. He was driving along a
six-lane highway with housing projects on both
sides, when a man tried to dash across the road.
My acquaintance hit him at high speed and killed
him instantly.

According to French law, the participants in a
fatal accident must stay as near as possible to
the scene, until officials have elucidated all
the circumstances. The police therefore took my
informant to a kind of hotel nearby, where there
was no staff, and the door could be opened only
by inserting a credit card into an automatic
billing terminal. Reaching his room, he
discovered that all the furniture was of
concrete, including the bed and washbasin, and
attached either to the floor or walls.

The following morning, the police came to
collect him, and he asked them what kind of place
this was. Why was everything made of concrete?

“But don’t you know where you are, monsieur?”
they asked. “C’est la Zone, c’est la Zone.”

La Zone is a foreign country: they do things
differently there.

Well worth a full read.

Via Harry Hutton

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The bottom of the barrel

Since the hurricanes shredded our Gulf of Mexico
oil and gas capacity, Europe has been sending us
2 million barrels of crude oil and "refined
product" a day from its collective strategic
petroleum reserve. The "refined product" includes
800,000 barrels of gasoline, plus diesel,
aviation, and heating fuel. Meanwhile, US
domestic production has fallen to around 4
million barrels of conventional crude a day.
America uses close to 22 million barrels of oil a
day. Bottom line: post-hurricane, total imports
have accounted for 80 percent of America's oil

Now, the important part of all this is that last
week the International Energy Agency (IEA),
Europe's energy security watchdog, declared that
it would now end the 2 million barrel a day
shipments to the US.

My goodness...and all my other parts.

Amerika will look odd without the usual quantity
of oil flowing.

Full article.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

An inside look at some informal economies

Q: You've done most of your research in Russia.
What did you find?

A: That Russia is basically a developing country.
That the peasants survived not through socialism,
but through the informal economy. We explored
this by winning the confidence of the peasants. I
don't believe in doing research by going to a
village, filling in a questionnaire and driving
away. They always laugh as you leave because of
all the lies they've told. My researchers lived
in their villages for eight months. They were
under orders not to do anything for the first two
months, just to be recognised as human beings. I
told them to bring water from the well for an old
woman, to gossip in the village about the price
of bread. That's all.

As they began to trust us, we looked at the real
economics and politics of the villages, not what
they said in Moscow or what the leaders in the
villages said. We learned that about 50 per cent
of their economic activity was unofficial. In the
beginning they feared we might use the information
in a way that would prejudice them. In the end
they told us the truth.

Coming soon to a village near you, I expect.

Full interview.

Friday, November 11, 2005

More on The Coming Fall

On the day that every power-based institution
inherently collapses, by design of power, the
institution is replete with people who cannot
understand how the collapse could have happened,
and who blame the collapse on the more
knowledgeable people who learned the inescapable
failure of power during the time before that day.
As the day approaches, more people belatedly
recognize the fatal flaw of using power instead
of reasoning, but not enough of the people until
the day of the collapse, and even then the next
power-based institution is started by those
remaining power-damaged minds who learn nothing
from contradictions.


Yet another illusion exposed

Defenders of statism will undertake any action
and against as many people as necessary to
safeguard the basic structure of the state. Even
the figureheads atop the totem pole may be
sacrificed if need be. The Nixons, Clintons, and
Bushes are all fungible, each capable of
replacing one another. This is a principal reason
that elections always come down to a choice
between standardized, indistinguishable
candidates; and why, no matter who you vote for,
the political establishment always gets elected.

Full essay.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

In case you haven't thought about it...

What good is it going to do anybody to be a
financial investor, lawyer, paralegal, mortgage
underwriter, IRS agent, insurance salesperson,
credit card telemarketer or property manager
enforcing rules for the Association about mowing
your lawn and power washing your driveway when/if
things finally really hit the fan? These people
will kind of be up the creek, to put it lightly.
Their jobs and industries are completely useless
in every sense of the word. So since illusion is
what now dominates your job market choices, it’s
all the more reason to find a way out, ASAP.

...and this is a whole new way of thinking for the

Working for the Puppet People.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Just maybe...

State education, manipulation and control of the
media, spin, censorship, fear-mongering, doomsday
scenarios, mass hysteria, religious symbolism and
"grand visions," are all tools of the state--in
its constant quest to maintain control over
people. And if that doesn't work, well there's
always tear gas, guns and tanks!

Usually the only reason the guns and tanks come
out is when people start herding while brandishing

That's counterproductive.
The only thing that can destroy this illusion is
if people simply ignore it and act as if it
wasn't there.

You don't think so?

Just maybe it's true.

Full article.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

How not to be a sucker

The system is set up to get you to work and keep

Only if you let it.

Most do.

Here's a highly recommended way out.

You're probably not interested.

Few are. Fewer follow thru.

From the keyboard of The Mutualist

More on the New World Disorder

Wars will continue to occur, but in a new form.
Future wars will be fought over systems and by
networks. The participants won't (or at least,
shouldn't) measure the effectiveness of their
activity in body counts but rather through their
impact on systems. For the West that means
efficient systems (or at least resilient
systems), for guerrillas it means disruption
(which translates into capacity to coerce states
or breakdown state function).

This just scratches the surface.

Think about it.

Do you have your solar panels yet?

Do you have your donkey yet?

Full post.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Sexy new physics or bullshit?

Of course, this guy may be a con man. Of course,
he may be full of shit but remember, we're living
in an era where we're finding out that most of what
we thought we knew was wrong.

You decide, as always.

Right now, this is just talk...
Power source that turns physics on its head..
It seems too good to be true: a new source of
near-limitless power that costs virtually
nothing, uses tiny amounts of water as its fuel
and produces next to no waste. If that does not
sound radical enough, how about this: the
principle behind the source turns modern physics
on its head.


Sunday, November 06, 2005

...and remember it well

"Remember this useful phrase. You will need it
again and again: The State is not your friend.
The Government is not your friend. It is not YOUR
Government, it is THE Government. Now that is not
as it was when I grew up, and the local constable
was very much your friend, and the FBI were the
national heroes defending us in peace and war.
But that was another country." --Jerry Pournelle

Then read about the riots all over Europe

Saturday, November 05, 2005

A clear look

"Anyone who grows up in our society either needs
years of therapy or some positive experience to
counteract all the crap we learn." --Lutheran

Via L. R. White.

Friday, November 04, 2005

From a long-time Washington insider...

It should be noted that all modern presidents
face a slew of issues, and none of them have felt
in control of events but have instead felt
controlled by them. JFK in one week faced the
Soviets, civil rights, the Berlin Wall, the
southern Democratic mandarins of the U.S. Senate.
He had to face Cuba, only 90 miles away,
importing Russian missiles. But the difference
now, 45 years later, is that there are a million
little Cubas, a new Cuba every week. It's all so
much more so. And all increasingly crucial. And
it will be for the next president, too.
I have a nagging sense, and think I have
accurately observed, that many of these people
[the elites] have made a separate peace. That
they're living their lives and taking their
pleasures and pursuing their agendas; that
they're going forward each day with the
knowledge, which they hold more securely and with
greater reason than nonelites, that the wheels
are off the trolley and the trolley's off the
tracks, and with a conviction, a certainty, that
there is nothing they can do about it.

I expect that last paragraph applies to very few
Power Freaks and, like fish that live in water,
they have no concept of air.

Full article.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Bottom Line

After a flurry of hits, I find that John Lopez and drizz
linked to this post.

But I've been upstaged by another Visionary
Philosopher, Bill St Clair...
"We aren't going to get anywhere. Individuals
are going to get there. One at a time they will
realize that politics, that the state, that the
concept of a group of people, no matter how
large, having any control whatsoever over the
peaceful choices of another group of people, no
matter how small, is wrong. And they will stop
cooperating with it. They will stop paying taxes.
They will stop voting. They will stop obeying
police officers. They will stop submitting to
registration or licensing of any kind. They will
completely ignore all legislation. And they will
start shooting and stabbing and hanging and
otherwise eliminating anyone and everyone they
can't avoid who attempts to control them."
-- Bill St. Clair

I don't know what they might do, but I know what
I have done and continue to do: Many of these
things and more every day.

I find a number of friends previously politically
oriented to one side or the other coming to
similar conclusions.

No one will be shit on forever except someone
already dead.

Pass this on, boys and girls.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The uS budget

An example, when everyone should be calling for
slash and burn, a centrist brings up the age old
exception for The Poor and The Large Middle Class...
One leading GOP centrist, Rep. Michael Castle,
R-Del., might agree. He said the proposed spending
cuts would disproportionately hurt poor and
middle-class people. Politically, that would hurt
moderates like him.


"We don't wanna hurt certain folks, 'specially

That's why they'll be sure to hurt everybody for
their benefit.

But "slash and burn" would make for more 'efficient'

Who here wants more 'efficient' government? A
show of hands, please.

[By the way, the Nazis had a very efficient government.]

Ok, I didn't think anyone would go for that.

In any case, I don't believe there's much to worry
about in that regard.

Government is its own worst enemy.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Predators

If the Twentieth Century proved anything, it is
that the single greatest danger to human life are
the thugs of the centralized political State, who
extinguished more than 170 million souls during
the bloodiest rampage in recorded history. By any
rational standard, modern States are the last and
greatest remaining predators – and that the
danger has not abated with the demise of
communism and fascism. All Western democracies
currently face vast and accelerating escalations
of State power and centralized control over
economic and civic life. In almost all Western
democracies, the State chooses:
● where children go to school, and how they will be educated
● the interest rate citizens can borrow at
● the value of currency
● how employees can be hired and fired
● how more than 50% of their citizens’ time and money are disposed of
● who a citizen’s doctor is
● what kinds of medical procedures can be received – and when
● when to go to war
● who can live in the country
● …just to touch on a few.
People who believe that the State can somehow be
contained have not accepted the fact that no
State in history has ever been contained.

[My emphasis]

I have no doubt about that. Bank on it.

Based on the man's last sentence, have you made
your plans yet?

Full article.

Secession, the group kind and the other kind

A bit of old news...
James Howard Kunstler, author of The Long
Emergency, will be the keynote speaker at The
Vermont Convention on Independence to be held in
the House Chamber of the State House in
Montpelier on Friday October 28th. Sponsored by
the Second Vermont Republic, the convention,
which will begin at 9:00 a.m. and conclude at
5:00 p.m., is open to the public and free of

Here's my problem with this, assuming it's true.

My sentiments are with the idea, but the
application is flawed. Personal secession is the
answer. It's a lot easier and I expect I'll keep
my fluids in their original container using my
technique. What's more, group secession violates
jomama's First Law:

Avoid crowds and other non-profit organizations.

The last time someone tried this group secession
bit in the uS was 1860. The result was 970,000 casualties.

Now here you can see the value of jomama's First

Whose side am I on?

My side.

Whose side are you on?

Full report.