Thursday, December 31, 2009

On history

"Clio, the muse of history, is as thoroughly infected with lies as a street whore with syphilis." --Schopenhauer

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Sheriff - The Most Powerful Person in the Country

The Quiet Revolution...
What can you do? For once we are not just complaining. There is a plan. I do not argue that you should forget about Congress. Not at all; if you see an opportunity there, take it. Always remember that right now it is run by people like Barney the Bugger of Taxachusetts, who will be elected by moronth in hith dithtrict until he dieth of AIDS.

Most of the time, when you approach your congressman, you come to complain. In the new crusade, you will approach your sheriff and tell him that he is not only handsome, charming and overwhelmingly masculine, but also that he has powers he may not be aware of. You have come to tell him what they are and to back him up. My guess is, when you tell him that, he will not kick you out.

Tell him you expect him to return the courtesy when the Nazis come from the District of Criminals to get the guns. Tell him you are ready in a minute to serve under his direction in a posse. He will not move to Washington and be corrupted. He will stay there with you. Show him the ten orders the Oath Keepers will not obey. The Oath Keepers are retired and active duty military and police. Their web site is The first order they promise to disobey is an order to disarm you.

Put him together with Sheriff Mack. You will find him at His telephone numbers are 928 792-4340 and 928 792-3888. Bring the sheriff to your town to speak. He will explain all this. Invite your own sheriff. At the meeting I attended, the local sheriff and chief of police were there and loved what they heard. No one dislikes hearing how important he is.
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Watch Sheriff Mack, The Last Straw:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Memo To The Global Warming Cult

Dear global warming fanatics,

Please. Stop. You’re embarrassing yourselves. Take a deep breath, and try to understand what has happened to you during the past month. You need to accept that your dreams of global domination are over. Increasingly shrill attempts to terrify the masses into ignoring Climagate are only making you look foolish. The con job you’ve been running for the last thirty years is busted forever...

You can stop trying to make Climagate go away by ignoring it, or lying about it. That won’t work, either. Huge stories can no longer be suppressed by a handful of like-minded network executives and editors. Those glittering eyes you see in the darkness, beyond the comforting glow of the New York Times editorial board, are the massed ranks of the Internet’s Army of Davids. They are a feral mixture of blogging curiosity and search-engine memory. If you think they’re closing in around you… well, it’s not just your imagination.

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Aside: Note the number of search hits on 'Climagate' as opposed to 'Climategate'

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yet another myth

"The Fed already buys and sells foreign exchange to prevent disorderly conditions in foreign exchange markets. The Fed has assumed a similar responsibility in the market for government securities. The Fed could support the stock market directly by buying market averages in the futures market, thus stabilizing the market as a whole. The stock market is certainly not too big for the Fed to handle." Robert Heller, Federal Reserve governor, WSJ, Oct 27, 1989
Such hubris like the flea floating down the river
on his back with a hard-on, howling "Open the drawbridge".

Monday, December 07, 2009

Run on the U.S. Dollar ....Soon

When governments go bankrupt, it's called a "default." Currency speculators figured out how to accurately predict when a country would default. Two well-known economists – Alan Greenspan and Pablo Guidotti – published the secret formula in a 1999 academic paper. The formula is called the Greenspan-Guidotti rule.

The rule states: To avoid a default, countries should maintain hard currency reserves equal to at least 100% of their short-term foreign debt maturities. The world's largest money-management firm, PIMCO, explains the rule this way: "The minimum benchmark of reserves equal to at least 100% of short-term external debt is known as the Greenspan-Guidotti rule. Greenspan-Guidotti is perhaps the single concept of reserve adequacy that has the most adherents and empirical support."

The principle behind the rule is simple. If you can't pay off all of your foreign debts in the next 12 months, you're a terrible credit risk. Speculators are going to target your bonds and your currency, making it impossible to refinance your debts. A default is assured.

So how does America rank on the Greenspan-Guidotti scale? It's a guaranteed default.
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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Tomorrow is here


The long-running and lucrative confidence game, however, is about to end. Its breakdown is now underway as constantly compounding consumer, business and government debt can no longer be carried and/or paid for by existing or future productivity, especially as economies are contracting, not expanding, and collective debt levels are skyrocketing to levels which can never be repaid.

We borrowed against tomorrow and tomorrow is here.

The collapse of economies such as the US, the UK, and Japan etc, will eventually render the bankers’ IOUs and government currencies worthless; and when this happens, the three hundred year stranglehold of bankers over human endeavor will be over...

Two powerful forces, paper money and gold, are now locked in mortal combat. The combatants, however, are proxies for far more fundamental forces. Paper money is a proxy for private banking and government power—and gold is a proxy for freedom.
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