Thursday, March 31, 2005

Some speculation on The Fall

What is the course that will likely follow the
collapse of our present top-heavy, vertically-
structured system? As a student of chaos and
complexity, I can assure you that I have no way
of making a definitive prediction. I have offered
what is little more than personal speculation as
to possibilities. But if we are to avoid being
crushed beneath the fall of the ossified forms
that are destroying human society, each of us had
best undertake the speculations that precede all
creative actions.

...and interesting speculation at that but, at the
moment, I see The Holy Amurikan Church of DeeCee
as a strong possiblity as the survivor of the
Death of Politics and the End of the Nation-state.

Not a very creative result, is it.

Mark Twain said, "History doesn't repeat itself,
but it rhymes."