Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Come back, said the spider to the flies

I wrote sometime back about that giant sucking
sound, the sound of capital flight...
The main ideas in the president’s [Putin]latest
address are, according to Belkovsky: an
acknowledgement of the property rights for the
oligarchs, allowing the legalization of their
capital, and a guarantee of the "illusion" of
freedom of speech. The analyst says that in his
address Putin returned to the standards of former
Russian President Boris Yeltsin.
"The main question in this context is what
should be done so that the period of Vladimir
Putin’s decline does not end in Russia’s
collapse," Belkovsky concluded.

Uh oh.

Ya think so...?

Could it be that Russia will fall without the big
money to steal?

Probably damned if Putin appeases 'em and damned if
he doesn't.

All this coming after the government bankrupting
Yukos with a tax bill then taking it over.