Sunday, April 17, 2005

Operation Mindfuck

My stomach muscles are still hurting from laughing
at this one...
OM was originally instigated by Ho Chi Zen, of
the Erisian Liberation Front, who is the same
person but not the same individual as Lord Omar
Khayyam Ravenhurst, author of The Honest Book of
The guiding philosophy is that originally
proposed in The Theory of Games and Economic
by von Neumann and Morgenstern: namely,
that the only strategy which an opponent cannot
predict is a random strategy. The foundation had
already been laid by the late Malaclypse the
Younger, K.S.C., when he proclaimed, "We
Discordians must all stick apart." This radical
decentralization of all Discordian enterprises
created a built-in random factor even before
Operation Mindfuck was proposed. To this day,
neither Ho Chi Zen himself nor any other
Discordian apostle knows for sure who is or is
not involved in any phase of Operation Mindfuck
or what activities they are or are not involved
in as part of that project. Thus, the outsider is
immediately trapped in a double-bind: the only
safe assumption is that anything a Discordian
does is somehow related to OM, but, since this
leads directly to paranoia, this is not a "safe"
assumption after all, and the "risky" hypothesis
that whatever the Discordians are doing is
harmless may be "safer" in the long run, perhaps.
Every aspect of OM follows, or accentuates, this

Read for a large guffaw.