Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Still going 'round and 'round

Aren’t these guys even more hilarious than the
original Keystone Kops? There is no writer on
Earth who could imagine such an absurd goofy plot
line as the "reality" Washington DC dishes up
daily via our Mass Hysteria Broadcast Media. This
must be straight from Central Casting to educate
us all about how very wicked it is such a web of
lies and double standards to weave. Maybe the
only important question is, how come the American
people don’t roll on the floor laughing every
time the Broadcast Media begins to pompously
intone the latest version of the Republicrat Big
Lie? Why should just Arnold in California get the
rotten eggs? Why shouldn’t Rather, Blitzer,
Jennings, Brokaw, and all the other intellectual
dwarves of the Mass Media get regularly pelted
with rotten eggs for passing on the Republicrat
big lies as if they were real news?

So far so good...

Then he sticks some conventional and predictable
nonsense here:
7. Why and how America must and will rewrite the
New Deal to recover from the coming collapse, a
New Industrial Development Plan.

He wants to bring the same,
organization in to solve the very problem it


Now you'll hear a shitload of Grand Plans to save
us all. They'll be creeping from all corners.

Sit back and continue to enjoy "As the World Turns",
brought to you by a whole new crop of Dull Sparks
who couldn't sell soap if their life depended on it.

Aside from that it is a fairly interesting read.