Monday, July 11, 2005

How to stop terrorism...

...for those that need the studies.

Looked obvious to me, even before the studies, but
Empire thrives on crisis, conflict and occupation
of foreign lands as well as kicking ass at home.

Don't expect anything different.
Pape's study looks at 462 suicide-terrorist
attacks between 1980 and early 2004 world-wide.
The research finds that in over 95% of the cases
the "central objective" of this form of terrorism
was the eviction of foreign troops from occupied
countries or regions that were considered by the
terrorist groups to be occupied. Therefore,
perceptions were a crucial indicator of reality
articulated in acts of terror. What this means is
that since suicide terrorism is mainly a response
to foreign occupation, and not Islamic
fundamentalism, "the use of heavy military force
to transform societies over there ... is only
likely to increase the number of suicide
terrorists coming at us".

The article.