Saturday, August 27, 2005

Chaos uncorked

Stagflation – hyper-stagflation will trigger the
depression. Debt burdened consumers will not be
able to buy any more because their credit limits
are hit. The conumers[sic] have paid the
escalted[sic] oil prices through their credit
cards. In the mean time raw materials prices are
going to double or triple. Companies will lose
all pricing power triggered by consumer driven
stagnation. But the commodity inflation will
dominate the scenarios. Finally, in 2006-2007 the
great depression will start which will cause the
financial meltdown of the world financial systems
and economies.

What he didn't mention...

In the meantime American consumer credit limits
are hit because most took out variable rate mortgages,
thinking they could handle rising interest rates...
or not thinking about it at all, the more likely
cause. Then they'll squeal like pigs on the
rottiserie about that particular System
instead of blaming their own stupidity.

The man's analysis above is a good one and I agree
with the timing.

Chaos can only be corked in the bottle for a short
while before it pops.

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