Monday, August 15, 2005

National immolation, past, present and future

As an instructive aside, the Constitution of the
Soviet Union contained an article that expressly
granted each Soviet Republic the right to become
independent nations. "Article 72. Each Union
Republic shall retain the right freely to secede
from the USSR." The Kremlin boys merely treated
the Soviet constitution the same way the
Washington DC boys treat the US constitution, as
a meaningless document fooling fools into living
under a military dictatorship of personalities
wielding power of office. Had the Kremlin boys
understood the reason for the inherent collapse
of the Soviet Union, they would have prior
effected Article 72, to thus create what resulted
anyway, but therefore created a mutually
favorable trading union with no need to squander
resources on militaries, and with that reasoning
ability, quickly advanced their societies into
superior social, economic and knowledge-based
benefits. Therein, the reasoning process would
have advanced their international position and
influence to what they so obviously craved but
were inherently failing to achieve by building an
inherently self-destructive, force-based military
empire. But of course they still do not
understand such concepts, and are each stagnating
their societies with self-destructive power and
force-based processes, just like the idiot
Americans, much to the amusement of the observers.

Well, now. That pretty well covers it.

Written in stone, not paper.