Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Iron Law of Oligarchy

Conservatives who were looking for a way of
debunking the utopian promise of socialism found
considerable ammunition in Michels' thesis, but
many liberals were disturbed by its wider
implications. If oligarchy is inseparable from
any form of political/social/economic
organization, then, to the extent that any
society is organized, it will be, in essence, if
not in name, an oligarchy.
Hold all the free and
fair elections you want; write the best
constitution you can; educate the voters and make
them turn out in droves to vote -- do all these
things and yet, when all the hoopla is over, the
day-to-day operation of governance will be
carried on by only a handful of people.
[My emphasis]

...with or without revolution or reform, and
contrary to the "solutions" drawn by the reviewer,
a kind of theocracy.

Odd how some folks can see what's going on and
just offer up the same game with new players.

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