Thursday, September 08, 2005

The lit fuse - more to come

This time the Washington insiders have gotten
so far ahead of themselves, and the rest of the
country, that the illusion of 'democracy' is
dangerously close to being completely debunked.
We are rapidly approaching the point where it
will only take one incident, perhaps a relatively
minor one, to spark a social explosion from that
will make our republic reel.

New Orleans has lit the fuse. I would advise
everyone to stand back ...

The man's right.

Democracy, a euphemism for voting for someone else
to do your killing and looting for you by his rules
and not yours.

Now that you've had a good look at it in New
Orleans without suits, ties and fine words, how
do you like it? Why should you be surprised when
you get caught in the crossfire?

So here you might say, "Ok, but let's bring back
the suits and fine rhetoric. It's at least a more
civilized way of looting."

It's too late. It always was.

Constantly fixing a system with ever more rules
and ever more dependence on them was what brought
the whole thing on. Rapid flexibility is gone.
Expect even more rules yielding fewer options
to those that see no other way. They're in the
majority. Political man is king...for now. Let
them eat themselves.

As I've said many times before here, the system
will fail.
There is no political solution, even
revolution, just the worst of all political
solutions. Let the beast die of natural causes or
he'll resurrect. Most likely in worse form.

And when you hear a lot of howling and screeching
about the failure of government in your area, it
would be best to git to an area where folks are
more inclined to handle their own problems...
without waiting for the help that never comes or
worse, the kind of "help" that's not conducive to
healthy living. The weather will probably not be
a factor.


Thanks to Richard Rieben.