Friday, November 18, 2005

Why Western governments fall apart

...Only in Beijing and Tokyo do we find strong
governments in powerful nations.

Is it simple coincidence that the West cannot
field a single functioning government? The
punditry dismisses Bush as dumb, Blair as smarmy,
Chirac as arrogant, Berlusconi as bent, and
Merkel - well, when they discover some
identifying characteristics of the new German
chancellor, the punditry doubtless will find
grounds to dismiss her as well. Perhaps it is
just the luck of the draw, but the odds do not
favor the interpretation that all the big nations
of the West had the misfortune to find themselves
led by ninnies at precisely the same time.

But the "odds" were wrong, he says.

Welcome to chaos where the odds don't know what
they're supposed to be.

Spengler attributes this to the voter.

I do too for reasons unmentioned in the article:
They showed up at the polls.

He thinks Beijing and Tokyo are exempt.

They aren't.

They're just not talking and their economies are
doing better than the Western economies.

The planet won't be buying Reeboks forever.

Aside from that, his analysis is interesting.