Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I Was Not Born to Submit...

The author, once a frequent commenter here, is now
wandering the planet.
To the utopian visionaries – of any composition
– I have this to say: I was not made that way,
nor was any other human being ever born upon this
planet. And you will bash your efforts against us
in utter futility for the rest of eternity,
because human beings will never change. Do your
worst or do your best . . . we will still be
there the next morning, as incorrigible as ever.

Indeed, Richard.


Full rant.


Richard Rieben, the author of the above, taken
from the comment section:
Outta China ... hey, I can access your page
again (no blogs can be accessed inside China).
Thanks for the heads up on this - kinda like a,
what, new year's present. I thought this was the
salient point for the libertarian utopians (and I
know very few libertarians who aren't utopians):

Neither do I. That's one of the reasons I stopped
calling myself a libertarian.
"Howsoever thorough our indoctrination, we
retain a will. It is an individual, unsocial and
unrational quality. Would that the fighters for
freedom could harness the power of that will, but
they never will. It is not in its nature to be
harnessed, only to resist being harnessed – by
anyone, friend or foe."

I wrote the article back in June and found it
floating around inside my mini-computer. I've
been doing a lot of thinking/writing lately; zip
for publication (read: for other people) ... need
to get my shit together and stop trying to figure
out what the rest of you are doing.

Still on the road for awhile. Will check in
periodically. Ask me about China (sometime).

All right, already. I'm askin'.