Friday, January 13, 2006

Doug Casey's predictions for 2006

Doug's economic predictions are always worth
a look. He has a fine track record.
The big X factor, as always, remains the
government. Frankly, I never expect anything good
from government. And here I refer to the
institution itself. How can you, considering that
its main products are wars, pogroms,
prosecutions, persecutions, taxation, regulation,
inflation, and assorted idiocy. These aren’t just
accidental characteristics; the actual essence of
government is coercion, and coercion is not a
good thing. Worse, the people drawn to “service”
of the State aren’t the "best and brightest", as
their propagandists put out, but the worst and
dullest; they’re people who believe in organized
coercion. Who else could even consider working
for such an organization? That’s why "throwing
the bums out" is a pointless exercise in self-

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