Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Peak oil, my ass

CHAPTER 16 - Gull Island Will Blow Your Mind!
... I went to his office and sat down, and
wondered why it was that on this day the trumpets
were not sounding. This was a phenomenal thing,
and yet there seemed to be no fuss at all about
it. Sure enough, without delay, the oil company
official soon walked into his office and closed
the door behind him. He looked at me with a frown
on his face and said, "Chaplain, what you saw
yesterday, don't you ever as long as you live,
let anything out that would tell anyone the data
that you saw on those technical sheets." I said,
"But sir, that's going to end the energy crisis
in America!" He said, "No, Chaplain, it's not.
Quite to the contrary." As he sat down behind his
desk, I noticed that he was very worried, and
then he continued, "Chaplain, you weren't
supposed to see what I showed you yesterday. I'm
sorry I let you go with me out there to watch
that burn. I'm even more perturbed that I let you
look at the technical data, because, Chaplain,
you and I might both be in trouble if you ever
tell the story of Gull Island." ... This company
official said to me,"Chaplain, that great pool of
oil is probably as big as the Prudhoe oil field,
it has been proven, drilled into, and tested-we
know what is there and we know the amount that is
there, but the government has ordered us not to
produce that well, or reveal any information as
to what is at Gull Island."
I could hardly believe what I heard that day. I
walked out of the oil company official's office
very perturbed, because again we could be lied
to, the American people would be deceived again-
the truth would not be told. As I walked out of
that office I realized that I was only one of
about six men alive who would even know the truth
about Gull Island, or would ever even see the
technical data. I was astonished that day because
of this restriction on releasing data about the
production from beneath a small island out in the
Arctic Ocean. This could end the oil crisis, but
I had come to the conclusion in my mind, with no
doubt whatsoever, that the Federal government
would never want that oil produced.
Gull Island was capped and the rig was removed,
and the truth has never been' told ... until now!
Field Pay Zone Oil Area of Field

(Average depth of oil pool)

Prudhoe 600 Ft. of pay zone 100 square miles

Kuparuk 300 Ft. of pay zone Twice the size of

Gull Island 1,200 Ft. of pay zone At least four
times the size of Prudhoe . . .

Estimates are that it is the richest oil field
on the face of the earth. ...

I think you'll want to see all the details here.


Thanks to simmeringfrogs here's what appears to be
the entire book online:

The Non-Energy Crisis, by Lindsay Williams. (link repaired)

Believe it or not.

Of course, there's more to the story. Isn't that
always true?

As I've said in other words before, what good is
all that oil pumped out of the ground? It takes
years to get a new refinery up and running...

From the Global Oil Report...
For the first time for many years the world is
facing a shortage of refining capacity. This
summer margins in all three main refining centres
have been at their highest since 1996. Despite
soaring crude prices, first gasoline and then
middle distillate prices have reached record
highs this summer, a clear sign that refinery
production is falling short of demand. If global
demand starts to hit against refining constraints
this winter, demand could be squeezed as product
prices rise even further.