Saturday, April 29, 2006

Digital cash

16. Conclusions

Untraceable digital cash is here. It will become
easier to use and more established in the next
several years. It is indistinguishable from
speech, so any laws intended to control it will
almost certainly impinge on speech in general.
While scare tactics may work to drive average
users away from using digital cash, those
operating on the margins have the most to gain
and lose and will likely not be dissuaded by such
laws. Not only have criminals rarely been
dissuaded by tax and banking laws, but here the
chances of getting caught are nearly zero. Boom
markets in information of all kinds can be
expected. Crypto anarchy has its benefits as well
as its problems.

It's going to be an exciting world.

No doubt. Are you ready?

We're all criminals now. Haven't you noticed?