Wednesday, June 07, 2006

How many rabbits are in this hat?

Our biggest delusion is that we are real and
have some significance to the overall macrocosmic
universe. Some of us have always been able to
manipulate the energies of our reality through
thought. Some of us have always stood on the
threshold of the door that joins our reality to
scores of others, and a few of us have been able
to shuffle back and forth through that doorway,
wandering among dimensions, exchanging greetings
with entities made of an energy different from
our own. Our biggest problem has been the
translation of these multiple realities into a
single, cohesive universe governed by inflexible
laws throughout. But there really are no
universal laws. Men like Newton, Crookes, and
Einstein merely studied one set of delusions and
interpreted the laws that hold up the walls of a
single delusion. They vaguely understood that our
world is a trick done with mirrors, and, like any
uninformed audience, since they couldn't see the
mirrors, they had to invent interpretations of
the effects they were witnessing. A rabbit cannot
spring from a hat, they reasoned, if it is not
first introduced into the hat somehow. They could
not grasp the ancient truth that even though the
hat always seems empty, it is always full. The
rabbit does not come from the sorcerer's sleeve
but only crosses from one delusion to another.

--John Keel, The Eighth Tower

Meanwhile, enjoy the delusion...according to John.

Via Orlin Grabbe