Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fred. A dangerous criminal

I’m going to tell you how I entered the
underworld, and became a money launderer, and
international drug wallah, and remorseless
criminal, just like Carlo Gambino or Bin Laden
or Condoleezza Rice. Yes. I am now of one blood
with Pablo Escobar. It is a service of the Anglo-
Irish Bank. I imagine that my picture can be
seen on wanted posters in European post
Shortly after Fred posted this article he got a call
from Anglo-Irish Bank welcoming him to his new

Ahhh. The Power of the Keyboard and the net.

This kind of response from complaints about
bummint will take a bit longer. They don't consider
us "customers". Many will not jump thru their hoops
to do what Fred or Anglo-Irish Bank did.

Meanwhile, hawala is alive and well, going around
the hoops.

Make the connections. Draw the conclusions.

The terrorists win.

Read Reed.