Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sniffing out the carcasses

The point: as any Freedomista, anarcho-capitalist, Austrian economist, gun nut, Federal Reserve conspiracy-theorist, gold bug, secessionist, political monkeywrencher, dope-smoking marijuana-reform activist, civil libertarian or other amateur or professional contrarian possessed of even the most rudimentary understanding of his beliefs will tell you: the fundamental human right is the right to be left alone. That right does not evaporate when you pass some hazy income or property-owning threshold, the Marxist version of transubstantiation, a change in quantity becoming a change in quality; it is not contingent upon some bureaucrat's definition of the word "is", or upon how much some other party "wants" something, or upon how much "social utility" can theoretically be gained according to this one totally mind-blowingly erudite and celebrated economist by the simple and painless expedient of temporarily suspending just this one eensy little right in just this one unimportant corner case just this once, pinky-promise; it does not waver in and out of existence upon the crossing or re-crossing of a border, coming and going like the eponymous Karma Chameleon; it is under no circumstances and at no time dependent on the addled whim of any majority or plurality at a vote. It is not ill-defined, it does not exist temporarily or only for sympathetic defendants, it does not have "limits". It is crystal-clear, eternal, universal, and absolute. Most succinctly put: it's just plain so. Somebody who tells you it ain't is sellin' somethin'. Most likely somethin' bad, too. [My emphasis.]

It smells rotten also. I can usually pick it up in the
wind from a mile away even when it's well

With a bit of practice you can do likewise.

Hint: It almost always starts with the word, "we".

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