Friday, November 03, 2006

'murika's Chief Bean Counter wants an accounting

It's too late for real accounting...
Walker doesn't want to make balancing the federal government's books sexy - he just wants to make it politically palatable. He has committed to touring the nation through the 2008 elections, talking to anybody who will listen about the fiscal black hole Washington has dug itself, the "demographic tsunami" that will come when the baby boom generation begins retiring and the recklessness of borrowing money from foreign lenders to pay for the operation of the U.S. government.
This Dull Spark and all the others at The Top want to save
An Unsalvageable System.

The cost?

Your impoverishment by taxes instead of declaring
bankruptcy, selling the debt and closing the doors
of the Biggest Failure known to man.

No one on the planet will escape.

Ya happy?

The report.