Sunday, February 11, 2007

The volume is increasing

As we know, or should know if we pay attention, the “war on terrorism” is a ruse, not even categorized as blowback, as folks over on the so-called left keeping babbling, but an engineered ruse. It’s all about stealing our treasure, not that there is anything left but a massive mountain of debt for our grand children, and with Bush’s latest “budget,” debt and misery for their children as well. Call it time travel debt, already threatening the future, that is if we have a future by the time these crooks are finished. In fact, we have nothing to look forward to but an old age of dumpster diving, or at least those of us who ridiculously are called “baby boomers,” largely chumps for Joe’s tax, raised by way of manufactured fear and dread.

Joe Lieberman can stick his “war on terrorism tax” where the sun doesn’t shine.
Kurt doesn't even know the third of it.
(See the chart in the article.)