Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Why I'm not an anarchist any longer

...or any other group mind-fuck.
We market anarchists reject tribalism. We are just members of the human race, period, and we see every other human being in that same way. We avoid groupthink, for we form our understanding of life by reason alone, rationality being the core of our human-ness. We wish to govern ourselves, and ourselves alone. If we wave a flag, it is black--for we owe no allegiance to any colored, gaudy, irrational collective. We seek no subjects, and reject all rulers. We see the realization of self ownership and self responsibility and the pursuit of self-interest by all as the only hope for the human race.

But there I go, using a phrase like "we anarchists" with the first person plural! It goes deep, this tribal habit. I guess I have some work to do, to root it out and live only as an individual.
Jim's figured it out too.