Wednesday, July 18, 2007

And so it starts...

Don't try to tell D.J. Johnson that the property tax fiasco is only a Marion County problem.

The bill that she and her husband, both 70-year-old retirees on a fixed income, are facing for their Fillmore home in Putnam County underscores that this is a crisis hitting homeowners throughout Indiana.
"In 2003, it was about $1,500," she said, frustration filling her voice. "Now, it's about $5,300 annually. We'll have to sell our home. We can't pay that."

It's a fear hitting homeowners from one corner of the state to the other.
...adding to the housing glut.

What happens when the boomers come
online as retirees?

What happens when no one can afford

D.J. needs to look to Mexico for very
small property tax payments

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