Friday, August 10, 2007

The fix isn't in

Felix Rohatyn, who co-chaired a commission on rebuilding American infrastructure, added: "Whether it's their high-speed trains, whether it's their airports, whether it's their roads or the way they run their cities, European infrastructure, which is financed by the European investment bank by selling long-term bonds to the public, is a perfectly wonderful system." But, no, the American right thinks it's our way or the highway.

You never hear the conservative movement's leaders talking about how the United States might learn from, say, France's successful approach to early childhood education, Germany's effective worker training policies, or Canada's politically neutral election administration system.
Comment is free...the name of that site.

Ignorance usually costs.

Who will pay for all this ignorance?

Can these guys fix it?

Looks beyond fixing to me.

Best not be underneath when Ma Gummint sits.

Take a gander at that clown.