Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Deck the Malls With Dirty Nukes

Ho-Ho-Ho. Halloween has now ushered in the year-end shopping season (formerly known as Christmas). We're supposed to deck the malls with boughs of holly. So it's a bit surprising that ABC News has picked-up (uncritically) a (sic) Associated Press "report" that Slovakian First Police Vice President Michal Kopcik has thwarted the black-market sale of what Kopcik says is about a pound of almost pure [98.6%] Uranium-235.

According to AP-ABC;

"Experts say roughly 55 pounds of highly enriched uranium or plutonium is needed in most instances to fashion a crude nuclear device. But they say a tiny fraction of that is enough for a dirty bomb a weapon whose main purpose would be to create fear and chaos, not human casualties."

Where do you suppose mainstream-media reporters find their nuclear weapons "experts"?

You might like to check the author's credentials here.