Saturday, June 14, 2008

Are you ready yet for the red pill?

The state's two political parties are essentially, like the state itself, gangs of thieves. The US state is the biggest, richest, most powerful gang in the history of the world. It thinks nothing of murdering a million people in Iraq, or extracting by force from the American people trillions of dollars a year, or spying on our emails and phone calls and bank accounts, or torturing prisoners, or committing a thousand and one other crimes. When one line in the federal register can take billions from some interest group, or transfer billions to some other, we can hardly be surprised that people involved in politics will go to any length--any length--to keep the power and pelf flowing. The vast majority of people who go into politics are motivated by what St. Augustine called the lust to dominate and rule others. So they are naturally inclined to every sort of aggression against person and property.
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