Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who will pay for it?

A grotesque grandiose nationalization initiative is gradually being forced upon the USEconomy, US financial system, US political system, and the hapless US citizenry. Its crucible for construction comes from the desperate situation unfolding for the banks, the mortgage holders, and homeowners. Rising costs, falling incomes, failing banks, declining home values, eroding mortgage bonds, interfered financial markets, corruption in Congress, endless war, destructive economic counsel, an unconstitutional USDollar without gold backing, these factors all contribute toward a crisis without remedy. The only possible response will be an implosion with greater state assumption of losses, responsibility for operations, and extended power. Systemic failure, credit seizures, profound job loss, severe supply disruptions, and violence in public places will force a more urgent solution. The irony is that the agents and mechanisms that produced systemic failure will next be granted almost total power as reward for their ineptitude, corruption, and connection to the power centers.[My emphasis] Reaction to systemic failure, orders for nationalization, and other desperate measures ensure the USDollar will fall significantly, leading to gold rising toward 1500 and silver rising toward 40.
Who will pay? (The numbers before all the bailouts)

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