Thursday, September 18, 2008

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Note that the Credit Default Swap on the USTreasury Bond itself has moved up 3.5 basis points in the last week to a record 18 basis points. In April it was 6 bpts. This is record territory. German Bund CDSwap protection costs only 8 bpts. The USTBonds have suffered from greater risk after assuming the Fannie and Freddie risk. The risk of USTBond default is next. Watch the CDSwap continue to rise, as the rest of the bailout candidates knock at the door. The precedent has been set. The door is open. The die has been cast toward deep decay of socialism. Add to insolvency exported fraud and aggressive military behavior, and the prescription for foreign reaction is huge. It is coming!
In one year, look for most Wall Street firms to disappear. They have no business left, only managing liquidation, directing accounting fraud, and soliciting sucker bagholders to donate to their corrupt cause.