Monday, September 01, 2008

The Third Way: Apathy

From a man who's 'been there'...
"Although people often bemoan political apathy
as if it were a grave social ill, it seems to me
that this is just as it should be. Why should
essentially powerless people want to engage in a
humiliating farce designed to demonstrate the
legitimacy of those who wield the power? In
Soviet-era Russia, intelligent people did their
best to ignore the Communists: paying attention
to them, whether through criticism or praise,
would only serve to give them comfort and
encouragement, making them feel as if they
mattered. Why should Americans want to act any
differently with regard to the Republicans and
the Democrats? For love of donkeys and
elephants?" --Dimitry Orlov
Now see a short story on how it might be done.

Has there been an alien invasion?