Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Children at play

Greenberger insists he is not a pessimist about the economy; he says that "intelligent leaders" — coupled with government aid, transparency and regulation — can enable the American economy to transcend its current troubles. But he has harsh words for the companies that were engaging in questionable practices — and for the government that turned a blind eye to the potential consequences.
Useful wasn't it, all that regoolation(sic)?

Just think, you 'murikuns paid for all that useless activity.
Greenberger asserts that the fact that there was "no adult supervision" of Wall Street will cost the American public in the long run.

"The $85 billion will come out of the United States Treasury. And either we're going to fund that from China or you and I are going to have to pay for it through taxes," he says. "[As] a lot of people are saying now: We privatize profits; we socialize losses."

Who will supervise the supervisors?

Who gave this intense idiot a mike?