Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Shell Game must go on

To those who don't know what a shell game is, see this.
Sarkozy, Gordon Brown, and EU honcho José Manuel Barroso are talking up an international summit to discuss an “urgent overhaul of the world’s financial architecture,” that is to say a new Bretton Woods to establish a brand spanking new international economic order. Sarkozy has managed to grab George Bush’s ear and he will travel to Washington on Saturday to lay the groundwork for a conference.

...Glossed over in all the corporate media coverage is the global elite demand that a global currency be established. “Europe wants to present a blueprint for a new worldwide currency system,” reports the AFP in the video here.
There already is a single currency on the planet.

Been around a long time.

It's called hard money.

Start using it. If you have your own business,
start pricing in gold or silver. Get shed of
their shell game.

No good will come of it especially if you're caught in it.

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