Monday, March 15, 2010

The proof that YOU are the problem...

Therefore YOU can easily learn to solve the problem, for everyone, upon learning the problem's origin in your own (conveniently available) mind, which is the origin in their minds, by design of the human mind.

You have an excuse for being the problem, until you finish reading this section. The human brain is a trained device. It is trained with knowledge. It is not genetically coded with all the information you need for a human lifetime, in contrast to the brains of honey bees and ants which genetically know their lifetime reactions to stimuli upon birth, with no need for instruction by other bees and ants. If your brain does not learn the knowledge you need or want, your otherwise completely useful brain is useless for that knowledge and its utility.

You learn most of your knowledge from adults, from your mistakes, and from your other observations. You learn most effectively from your mind's carefully formed questions of the foregoing and everything. If you fail to ask and answer questions, this section and everything else you encounter is of little utility to you, and you will stay dumb.

If you make a mistake, it is because your brain had not prior learned the knowledge to avoid the mistake. That is the same for everyone, obviously including the writer of these words.

It is the same for criminals, both private sector and all government personnel. They simply have not yet learned how and why to not create inherently unsustainable, damaging contradictions, for which the ultimate cost is always inescapably paid, by design of the imperative balance in all things, for all things to exist. Inherently unsustainable, damaging contradictions are primarily caused by the use of force or deception, instead of reasoning. Force-based actions, such as those of military, police, prosecutors, court judges, politicians, their tax thugs, other government bureaucrats and private sector criminals are the primary cause of human problems.
...and electing new pols solves/changes nothing.

Highly recommended