Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Another comment on a comment

In one of his comments, Eric said:
As always, good ole Thomas Jefferson hit the
nail on the head when he decided that revolution
on a regular basis was needed. Every 25 years or
so a good violent revolution would keep everyone
on their toes.

Lao Tze said that if you fight something, you
make it stronger. I think he was right.

Tom had a lotta good ideas. I don't see this
as one of 'em. Not in this age.

The New Revolution should happen one at a time,
individuals quietly doing their part in their
own very special way, throwing sand in the gears,

The Controllers will never see that coming.

Besides, I can see a group of "Revolutionary"
Amurikuns on the White House lawn taking a look
at the 'keep off the grass' signs, bowing their
heads and going home like good little citizens.

These folks should take a lesson or two from Ghandi
or the Velvet Revolution of Central Europe of 1989.

Probably best to keep the powder dry and at the