Friday, March 18, 2005

Ma Earth, rockin'

Most Navies are experiencing changing under
water topologies all over the world. The recent
American submarine accident caused by under water
ridges never mapped before and many other reports
from other navies just confirm the fact that
there are massive tectonic movements under the
oceans that we are not observing.
Underwater volcanoes are being reported in
Australia, Greece, New Zealand and many other
countries. Russia’s Kumpchetka peninsula is
experiencing double volcanoes of large sizes.
Many researchers are now concerned about these
developments. They are saying the probability of
a mega or multiple mega volcanoes is very high
now. According to some there is 74,000 year cycle
of mega volcanoes and that is due in 2012.

Could it be that the reason we're seeing more of
this is because there is more and better equipment
for measuring this activity?

Lots of this type of volcanic activity would raise
the sea temperature, wouldn't it. Nobody knows how
much that might effect the atmospheric temperature.


See the graph on underwater volcanic activity and
read the report.