Saturday, April 02, 2005


These are comments I've seen recently made by other
posters at MJ's place:

Commenter #1:
Blogger is sucking my butt.

Commenter #2:
Blogger's a joke!

Commenter #3:
You guys gonna leave blogger? At first when I
saw other people complaining I thought, "Oh gee,
the FREE service isn't good enough for them?" But
yesterday I wasted a whole lotta time just trying
to delete the 20 identical posts that it kept
publishing. And I can't delete comments.

My comment:
Yea, blogger sucks. I left tblog
sometime ago for similar reasons.
It got to where it didn't work about
half the time. Blogger is getting there.

I hate moving so I'm gonna tuf
out Google's Beta-blog (
for a while longer.

Yea, I guess we're all Beta testers.