Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Get it right

Learn the lessons. There'll be a test tomorrow.
To this day, the media promulgates the official
myth about the Waco assault, and you'll note that
the anniversary is being eclipsed, as least in
the mainstream outlets, by observance of the
Oklahoma City bombing. We avert our eyes from the
corpses of incinerated children – in Waco and
Iraq – convinced that if we pay too much
attention we court the danger of turning into a
Tim McVeigh. So forget about state terrorism –
the government wants you to pay attention to the
alleged danger of the free-lance variety, and it
just so happens that a "top secret" report on the
danger of "domestic terrorism" has been leaked to
ABC News in time for the April 19th anniversary.
It is, I fear, a sign of the times. [No doubt
about it. Time to wake up and drop the 'party
line', whatever it may be. This is more important
than hardly anyone realizes. --jo] The Clinton
administration came up with the doctrine of
military preemption long before that son of a
Bush ever dreamed of the White House – and,
what's more, they applied that doctrine on our
own soil,
against Americans.

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