Saturday, April 09, 2005

Playing by your rules

However, there is one flaw they count on for us
not to realize; we need to accept their rules for
them to win. We are not going to protest, we are
going to change society and the world from the
inside out. We are going to live the way we want
to live; free of constraint and moral puss; free
from the confines of the norm. I say new rules
because for us, we are going to turn a hell into
a heaven; we are going to mutate so much that
this world is our playground and our toy.


See what Rieben brought up in the comment section
to this post.

He's right and it pisses me off that I missed it.

Read Anthem to see what he means. It's a
short, easy read.

It's also been the first link under "Powerful Links"
(The Great "I") on the right side panel for quite

Inexcusable behavior on my part. (slaps his already
well-sloped forehead)

New Game