Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Will the real criminals please stand up?

LOS ANGELES – Declaring the end to a dark
chapter in Los Angeles history, officials on
Thursday announced the city would pay an
estimated $70 million to settle lawsuits stemming
from the Rampart corruption scandal that shook
the Police Department.

Ahhh. I can breathe easier now that all the
corruption's gone.

Since the scandal broke more than five years
ago, 214 lawsuits have been brought by
plaintiffs, many with criminal backgrounds, who
accused renegade officers in the Rampart
division's anti-gang unit of falsifying evidence,
framing suspects and covering up unjustified

So let's think about this.

Who handed out those 'criminal backgrounds'?

Looks like the writer of the story didn't think
thru what he was writing.

What else is new?