Monday, May 02, 2005

A look at a different truckload of fools

Meanwhile, drug smugglers and guerrilla forces
like the FARC work together more easily than
states do. The state system is old, creaky,
formalistic and slow. Drug dealing and guerrilla
warfare represent a free market, where deals
happen fast. Several years ago, a Marine friend
went down to Bolivia as part of the U.S. counter-
drug effort. He observed that the drug
traffickers went through Boyd Cycle or OODA Loop
six times in the time it took us to go through it
once. When I relayed that to Colonel Boyd, he
said, "Then we’re not even in the game."

Meanwhile the anti-money-laundering-alphabet-soup
folks are hammering 'know thy customer' rules to
banks when these druggies aren't even playing
their game. Why would smugglers use banks in that

And almost no one can see the unintended

I'll let you figure out what they are.

Full report.

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