Sunday, May 08, 2005

A look at uSA, Inc.

What was left out in the article below is that
Japan, Inc., Britain, Inc., and Europe, Inc. are
also complicit. In fact, every bummint does it
to some degree.

Who pays for this political/bureaucratic,
Orwellian Doublespeak called "free trade"?

The Phony "Free Trade" Lobby

Many of our politicians believe laissez-faire
doesn't work, even though they disingenuously and
repeatedly cite the imperative of free trade.
Unwilling to allow the market to correct itself,
they refuse to permit any of our trading partners
to suffer an economic setback, and they use U.S.
taxpayer dollars to bail them out — draining the
American economy.

"Many" of our pols? Bullshit. I only know one who
knows it works: Ron Paul. And he's vocal about it.

But I don't really care whether it works or not.

I'd just like to ship the thieves to Siberia or
to a corral in Kansas to shovel shit til they
howl for mercy. Anything.

Telling it like it is.