Friday, May 06, 2005

Out of control...again

Over lunch on the first day of the conference a
representative from the Office of the Assistant
Secretary of Defence for Public Affairs discussed
strategies to counteract critical viewpoints of
the non-lethal weapons programme in the media.
She encouraged those present to keep repeating a
positive message particularly when there was a
negative story published, and not to shy away
from commenting. If there was negative coverage
about an important programme that could be
derailed by the general public or congress then
they would ‘really go after them’, she said. She
indicated that officials would give increased
information access to ‘bread and butter military
journalists’ as opposed to the ‘60 minutes type
journalists’ in return for more positive
coverage. She also advocated a strategy of
targeting military analysts working for various
news media and getting them on message. She
admitted, however, that they ‘still don’t know
how to handle the bloggers’.


Yup, where does that 800 lb. gorilla sleep?

That's really all there is to the piece.