Wednesday, May 11, 2005

More on The Death of Politics

If you do the math, you get a decidedly
uninspiring image of a political process - of a
democracy - that's supposed to be worth exporting
to the world.

So, let's imagine 100 UK residents who are
eligible to vote. However, only 61% of them do -
just 61 people. Out of these, only 37% vote for
Blair and Labour - or 22.57 people.

We now have a stark picture of the reality of
the UK political scene. Labour has won its
"historic" third term with the grand total of
22.6% of eligible voters. In other words, 77.4%
of the voting age residents of the UK did NOT
want this result.

Which means there are still a few fools left who

This says nothing of the other 15,000,000 Brits
who weren't eligible to vote.

The percentages were similar in the USA, if you
don't count the strange method of tallying the
vote that went on there.

Makes one wonder how long The Democracy Fraud
will hold up, doesn't it.

What happens when most everyone awakens?

Think about it.

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