Wednesday, June 01, 2005


How to escape? The beginning, and the most
difficult, is a moral distancing. Those who care
must disentangle themselves from the cobweb
loyalties and factitious duties with which we
have been unconsciously encumbered. From
childhood we learn patriotism, that one must
vote, that if our way is not perfect it is at
least best, that we must support anything however
bad because were were born in a particular place.

Let me suggest that one owes loyalty to one's
family and friends, to common decency, and to
nothing else. Render under[sic] Caesar what you must,
keep what you can, and swear allegiance to
nothing. Here I do not mean just the government,
but the zeitgeist, the miasmic fetor of trashy
culture, the desperate consumerism, the entire
psychic odor of a society in decomposition.


You have to answer that one.

Whole thing.