Thursday, July 14, 2005

Saving a Dying Corpse

The institutionally-centered forms with their
command-and-control mechanisms that have long
represented Western societies are eroding; and
the established interests that have benefited
from such systems are in a life-and-death
struggle to resist their demise.

They will lose and never see it. It's not in that
It is this confrontation that underlies the so-
called “war on terror.” “Terrorism” – like
“international communism” that preceded it – is
but another specter held up to a gullible public
to enlist their continuing support for
institutional hegemony. “Terrorism” is a tactic,
not a competing political institution; a tactic
that reflects the inability of the state to
predict and control events. Even the British home
secretary, Charles Clarke, admitted that there
was no governmental measure that could have
prevented the subway bombings. One former CIA
analyst has asserted that unpublicized US
government figures show an increase in terrorist
acts in the world from 175 in 2003 to 625 in
2004, hardly a ringing endorsement of the
efficacy of the “war on terror.”

Just be glad you're not getting all the "War on
Terror" you're paying for. There's gonna be
considerable "collateral damage" anyway.

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