Saturday, September 24, 2005

I owe, I owe, it's off to work I go

An equal opportunity basher writes...
How can you spend $286.5 billion dollars if your
account is already overdrawn by over $7.9
trillion? In the case of these inept, ignorant
and cowardly members of Congress, they simply
continue to borrow away your children and
grandchildren's future. Actually, our children
and grandchildren have no future except financial
bondage to the international banking cartel.

It was putrid when Clinton was in office and the
ignorant media lap dogs – as well as duplicitous
members of Congress – declared there was a
surplus. Such a fat lie was never challenged
properly. By the time that national disgrace left
office, the "national" debt in 2000 was over $5.6
trillion. How do you have a surplus when you're
over $5.6 trillion dollars in the hole?

The same applies for Bush and it has nothing to
do with his endless "war on terrorism." Right
now, every man, woman and baby in this country
each owes the international banking cartel
$145,000 with the interest compounding every day.
Is anyone beginning to see the swindle going on

Odd kind of bi-partisan Communist/Capitalist/Fascism
going on here. What does that say for those three
old definitions and political parties?

Gone. They come tutti-frutti now.

So here I'm gonna say it again.

Do you honestly think Your Very Special Pol,
elected and governing, will change anything?

Who or what did I leave out here?

Just the suckers.

Oh, sorry, it's a swindle.

So much for the free market, what your pols in the
uS say you have.