Monday, September 12, 2005

Where's the beef?

I dunno.

It's all been said before so why bother?

Ah, you say, he has a crack in his will. Maybe.

This is getting old and tired, pissing in the
wind and wondering what's the point with this
blog so now I feel like backing off a bit. It all
sounds like a bad re-run after awhile. Death and
destruction has a tendency to do that I suppose,
even tho I expected it, but not like this. No one
to blame but the weather. Where's Al-Qaeda or
some other two-legged bogeyman to lay it all off,
everyone pointing to the Man in the Hat, the
current terrorist of the day instead? How anti-
climactic when I thought The System would be
brought down by some unnamed human scapegoat.

What will They do with the weather as the unexpected
invader? Where will they send their troops?

Now that's a real conundrum, isn't it.


Unheard of.

Nothing to focus on but an enemy beyond Their
control. Where are the battle lines?

Ironic, eh, dealing with a new enemy who doesn't
give a shit about rules, an enemy completely
beyond reason.