Friday, October 28, 2005

Irwin Schiff and Amurikun "justice"

After 3 full days of deliberation the jury sent
a note to the judge asking him to see the beat
up, dog-eared, well read copy of co-defendant
Cindy Neun's IRS code book which had been shown
to them during the trial. They wanted to see
Cindy's IRS code book and also a "clean" copy of
an IRS code book.

The judge absolutely denied their request
saying that allowing the jury to see the law
would be "problematic".

Shiff was convicted and given a life sentence
but will appeal.

How is this not like Napoleonic law?

This is what your "rule of law" turned into.

How do you like it?

The Amurikun Banana Republic is alive and well.

But why would anyone want to play with their ball,
in their game, in their court [pun intended]? The
game is rigged.

Better to move your ass and your assets from the
playing field and out of their reach as you would
from any other thief.

See the whole story.