Thursday, October 20, 2005

Netsukuku the Anarchical Parallel Internet

AlpT writes "Developed by the Freaknet,
Netsukuku is a new p2p routing system, which will
be utilised to build a worldwide distributed,
anonymous and anarchical network, separated from
the Internet, without the support of any servers,
ISPs or authority controls. In a p2p network
every node acts as a router, therefore in order
to solve the problem of computing and storing the
routes for 2^128 nodes, Netsukuku makes use of a
new meta-algorithm, which exploits the chaos to
avoid cpu consumption and fractals to keep the
map of the whole net constantly under the size of
2Kb. Netsukuku includes also the Abnormal
Netsukuku Domain Name Anarchy, a non hierarchical
and decentralised system of hostnames management
which replaces the DNS. It runs on GNU/Linux."