Saturday, October 08, 2005

More fine brain surgery from Fred

America is hollowing out, I tell you. Fast. It’s
societal apoptosis, cultural gangrene by national
choice. It hasn’t quite gotten bad enough for
people in Texas to notice it, as they drive their
Subarus to Wal-Mart to buy Chinese merchandise,
but give it five years. Maybe ten. The Soviet
Union collapsed from sheer bumbling foolishness.
We’re working on it.

Give it less than 5 years.

The uS will succeed in this just as the Soviets
did with their collapse. The difference between
these two states was one of degree, not substance,
and I doubt one could find any more than 50 people
in high places worldwide who think this substance
is important enough to consider. In other words,
most are just working on a kindler, gentler rip-

Russia still hasn't got it.

Doesn't look like they will.

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